Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Based on a famous model from the 60's comes out the newest item from English Element, a Twiggy dress in four different colour combos with the promise of more later!

SHOP: English Element
OWNER: Lascivious Loire
Love & Gratitude
-HBOX staff

Thursday, February 5, 2009


DID YOU KNOW: KYOOT has a store in Hbox? Check out the blog!

DID YOU KNOW: HBOX hosts several faires and events, with exclusives and MUSIC!
- past event items:

DID YOU KNOW: In HBOX Town, we now have AKEYO, SINDecade, Humby Designs, EbiSkin, Happy Home, English Element, and Visual Haiku?
(visit Hbox Town: )

DID YOU KNOW: Hbox is frequently blogged!

What You're Missing @ Black Faire in HBOX

Black Faire Exclusive by Panda Express

Exclusive skins, and artistic dress designs from Scribble.

Scribbles Purika Photobooth:

The "Argyle Style"(by English Element - Lascivious Loire) Male shirt featured in our joint project video of "The Painter's Garden" is available in the Lucky Cairs at the Hbox Event area!

The "Sophisticated" sweater dress is also available in lucky chair! The run is every 30mins.

More to LOOK out from is HBOX's newest renter, Kekona Aichi, owner of EbiSkin. Her items are available at the HBOX faire and soon to be available in HBOX town in her new main store!

A&M Exclusives:

There are also additional vendors, Panda Express, Geart Shift, Bounce, League, and our new store Visual Haiku!

Seeing is believing! Come visit HBOX!

With love & Gratitude