Thursday, July 17, 2008


Harajukubox is on the move! We're planning to hold major events every month now! Starting with August(Skin Month, exclusive one-time only skins from a slew of skin designers), and in September(Fashion Month, exclusive one-time only clothes from a slew of clothing designers).

Of course with a the new changes and ambitions we needed a little help! So I'd like to introduce our newest Event Host for HBOX, Kenneth Hrachov! Here's what Ken had to say!

Hello Tharr!

I'm basically coming to all you fellow Hboxer's today to introduce myself as the new host of all your future HBox events.

For those of you who don't already know me my name is Kenneth Hrachov aka. Kenny aka. KenKen. I've been playing second life for about two years now and most of that time you could find me in or around Harajukubox may it be in the old Hara in Odessa Graceful(RIP!! WE LOVEEEE YOUUUU.) or the new super spectacular Harajukubox City and Harajukubox town where I currently reside (Yay!).

As I have grown to love Hbox so much I feel a great urge to bring almost everyone I know to the city to experience it as I have and hopefully growto love it as I have as well which leads to my new position as host.

Using this platform I will do my best to bring the Hbox community closer together through upcoming splendiferous events and try tobring back some of the old faces from Odessa as well as some new ones to form a more tight knit gang of people who will inhabit this wonderful sim.

That said I would like to say I'm really honored I was chosen to be the new host and would like to thank all of the Hbox Admins for this opportunity to relieve a little stress as I know they are very busy people who would really like to be at every single event but GOD PEOPLE, DEY GOT LIVES 2!11!!! hahha, so hopefully that's where I will come in to bridge that little gap.

Over all I'm excited about the upcoming plans we have for HBox andwill be happy to see you all there. I know alot of you I havealready met but if I haven't feel free to say Hi to me I'm a pretty friendly person who does bite but not hard of course :), If you have any questions or suggestions for events feel free to message me in-world or drop me a notecard and I'll be happy torespond as soon as I can.

Yours Trulyyy,

The newest Local pooPoo,

KennethHrachovKennyKenken <3

Please offer Ken a warm welcome! You'll be seeing a lot of him!



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