Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's happening! The Harajukubox Holiday Bazaar is filled with a winter wonderland, ice skating, a stage for live music and Lucky chairs with free items.

Here are some of the lucky chair items!

Make sure to come at 5pmSLT Saturday the 29th(today) for live music by Winston Ackland!

Love & Gratitude


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey everyone! Hbox is having a really great and fun event to support equal rights! This is your chance to show your support, be you Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Straight, or none of the above! Come down and party with us as we celebrate LOVE in all forms!

We're encouraging cross-dressing, and for people to get married anyway they want, even if it's just for a day! Our Hbox admins will "Ordain" you! A great chance to have fun with Live music (Takamura Keiko will be performing!), cake, enjoyment, and supporting Prop 8!

Come on down and have fun with us! I can't wait to see you all there. If there's anything we should fight for in this world, it's FREE LOVE.

Love, Micah

Friday, November 7, 2008

Holiday Bazaar

You are invited to Harajukubox's Holiday bazaar! Nov. 28-30th

Saturday, October 25, 2008


If you missed them at Fashion Faire, they're back! Unisex zip-ups. Fun, sporty, and cute. Currently in Blue and Green! Check them out at Slanted Fox in Harajukubox!

Love & Gratitude

Monday, October 20, 2008


We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the designer contest event. We have lowered the number of finalist from five to three. We apologize for this change, and have enjoyed all the submissions.

What does this mean?

The three finalist will have an image of their design placed in the Slanted Fox store in harajukubox. Here the public will be able to vote for who they feel deserves 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

-1st Place: 5000L$ and your design becomes real!
-2nd Place: 1000L$
-3rd Place: 250L$

On October 26th, we will tally up the votes, and determine the winner! Goodluck everyone!

NOW, the finalist are as follows:

Kyoko Fouroux, Bonnie Toshihiko, Munky Arisocrat


The voting area will be set up on October 21st around 12pm SLT, you will have five days to get the votes in!

Please encourage your friends and others to vote for your idea to see it come to life!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Secondlife's.. Sexiest men? :3

Yay! Some of the HBOX admins are up for being voted of the top ten sexiest avatar's in SL! I know there are many and this list doesn't do them justice, but if you love HBOX, show us some love and vote for us!

Riki Yifu
Note Buaku
Ororon Kamachi


We love you guys!

Love & Gratitude
-Riki Yifu

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Fill out the form below if you wish to enter the contest and send it via Notecard to Riki Yifu.


-Accessory items ONLY, this means no outfits, no shirts, or pants.
-You cannot use artwork or drawings by someone else, they must be your own.
-All entries must be submitted before October 18th.
-1 design entry per person.

NAME: (your avatar name)

DESIGN: (drag and drop photo here)

DESCRIBE: (info about the design)

Please do not forget to name this notecard "Design contest form (your name)" if your name is not on the form we will not be able to find your form.

Good luck to everyone!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Slanted Fox Designer Contest!

Slanted Fox has decided to have a design contest!

Can you draw? Do you want to be a designer or have a cool idea for a design?


What to do:

1. Draw sketches of an item you think would be a cool accessory, and submit them to the Hbox Staffers(Riki Yifu, Micah Kuhn, Note Buaku). DO NOT worry about your drawing ability. It's not an art contest. We will serious even consider the crappiest drawings. We are buying the IDEA.

2. The Hbox admins will vote and select five of the submissions sent in. The drawings will then be placed in an area of Hbox to be voted on.

-1st Place: 5000L$ and your design becomes real!
-2nd Place: 1000L$
-3rd Place: 250L$


-Accessory items ONLY, this means no outfits, no shirts, or pants.
-You cannot use artwork or drawings by someone else, they must be your own.
-All entries must be submitted before October 18th.

Love & Gratitude,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Help us fight the content theft!


I'm asking for everyone's help! Recently our Happy Home "Happy Toast" chair was copybotted and ripped! We were told the texture was released on a forum. I'd like anyone who sees this to put in their blog, any cat toast that is NOT sold in happy home, or does not have "Riki Yifu", Micah Kuhn, or Note Buaku listed as the creator is a rip. Please report it to us! Do not buy the product or pass it out.

We will be watermarking our TGA files from now on to prevent further theft!

Thank you for your support, we LOVE you!

-Riki Yifu

Flickr of Happy toast:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hbox Fashion Faire!

Hey everyone! Following that rad Skin Faire we had, I present - our Fashion Faire!! Come down to Hbox to see some wicked designers bust out completely original works just for this event! A lot of these new fashions will only be displayed at this event, so it's your chance to get down with us and pick up some hot couture from your favorite designers!

Saturday's live performances will be by Takamura Keiko, and REIS Alter

Keiko was featured on MTV, spawned from SL star to RL star! And Reis is making her SL tour before her RL world tour! If you love Bjork, come listen to Reis!

Sunday's performances will be by Linus Radford! and Winston Ackland!

Linus Radford in RL is Randal Prater, a successful singer-songwriter who released his first solo album in March called 'Falling To Pisces.' He previously wrote/recorded three albums with Creeping Myrtle and one with The Pagan States. He came bounding into the SL music scene a year ago, and introduced SL music fans to a brand new type of navel-gazing mope.

Years of writing and recording songs of various pop flavors, Winston Ackland manages to find several voices for his music to match the ones in his head. Often betraying the softer side of angry punk and rock songs, he turns these classics into gentle bossa novas with great success. Elvis Costello said recently that Winston's smooth lounge rendition of Elvis's "Pump It Up" was his all time favorite of any cover of any of his songs.

This event is going to be rockin!... Our live singers will entertain you while you shop - but we like to give away free things, so we'll have another free raffle! Everyone that attends will be able to pick a raffle ticket - each with a chance to win some free designs that are shown at the event!! The raffles will be held Saturday AND Sunday!

The Skin Faire offically starts at: 5pm SLT on September 13th (Saturday), and goes all throughl Monday the 15th, 12pm SLT!
(If you hang around till Monday, you might even see some Hbox admins doin some choreographed dancing to THRILLER!)

I hope to see you all there!!!!
Love, Micah

Monday, August 18, 2008

NEW SKINS @ Animus and Slanted Fox

Ororon Kamachi of Animus and myself decided to work together on a new series of skins, they will come in various styles and tones as we create more of them! Right now we have released the first skin models in our shops!

You can get the "KUMI" skins from Animus, and the "KOJI" skins from Slanted Fox! Check them out! Ororon is doing Fat Packs of Kumi, 5 Skins for only 3100!

Love & Gratitude

-Riki Yifu

Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't forget-- SKIN FAIRE!

Hey everyone!
Just a reminder - Hbox's very own custom skin event is less than a week away!!! This two day event is going to feature event exclusive skins! - This means once this event is over, these skins will be long gone!! Not only that but The entire event will be hosted, and will feature live performances by some really TOP notch artists of RL and SL!

even more skin artists than I could list on the poster - you have to come to see em all!

Saturday's live performance will be by Takamura Keiko - She was featured on MTV, spawned from SL star to RL star!

Sunday's live performance will be by REIS Alter - Making her SL tour before her RL world tour! If you love Bjork, come listen to Reis!

This event is gonna be off the wall... Not only will you have live DJ's, live singers, hosts, and exclusive skins - but there will also be a raffle! Everyone that attends will be able to pick up to 3 different raffle tickets - each with a chance to win some free skins shown at the event!!

The Skin Faire offically starts at: 5pm SLT on August 16th(Saturday), and goes till Sunday the 17th 12pm SLT!

I hope to see you all there!!!!
Love, Micah

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Draag Purse's at Slanted Fox & Hbox's very own Skin Faire!

A LOT is happening at Hbox!

The long awaited Haiku set is starting to be released, (Stop by now to start on the collection!) We have a new event host, who introduced himself earlier, (see previous post) and we have a huge skin faire coming up!

First off, Slanted Fox has produced a bag that I absolutely ADORE. It's based off a Fantastic Planet lolita style bag, that I actually wanted irl!! Imagine my surprise to see it in SL! The Draag purse comes in 4 colours to compliment anything you have! And you can resize it with the handy resize script! Did I mention it's only 250 L??? O__o

Also Hbox is announcing their very own Skin Faire event! We have gathered all of Hbox's creative skin makers ( and some of our close friends and designers ) to produce an event where you can get EXCLUSIVE one time only skins! That means they'll be available only till the event runs!

The Faire will be more of an interactive event rather than plain shopping - It will have a live host, live entertainment by the fantastic ColeMarie Soleil, three different raffles where you can win vouchers for FREE one of a kind skins, and more!

Where: Hbox City - Event arena (Behind Slanted Fox)
When: Saturday, August 16th to Sunday, August 17th (starts 5pm SLT on Sat.)
Entertainment: Live Host and DJ, and live performance by ColeMarie Soleil!
Prizes: 3 chances to win a FREE skin voucher for select one-of-a-kind skins featured at the Faire!
Featuring custom skins by:

Mina Junk
Slanted Fox
Eat Rice
And some surprises!

Hope to see you all there!
Love, Micah

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Harajukubox is on the move! We're planning to hold major events every month now! Starting with August(Skin Month, exclusive one-time only skins from a slew of skin designers), and in September(Fashion Month, exclusive one-time only clothes from a slew of clothing designers).

Of course with a the new changes and ambitions we needed a little help! So I'd like to introduce our newest Event Host for HBOX, Kenneth Hrachov! Here's what Ken had to say!

Hello Tharr!

I'm basically coming to all you fellow Hboxer's today to introduce myself as the new host of all your future HBox events.

For those of you who don't already know me my name is Kenneth Hrachov aka. Kenny aka. KenKen. I've been playing second life for about two years now and most of that time you could find me in or around Harajukubox may it be in the old Hara in Odessa Graceful(RIP!! WE LOVEEEE YOUUUU.) or the new super spectacular Harajukubox City and Harajukubox town where I currently reside (Yay!).

As I have grown to love Hbox so much I feel a great urge to bring almost everyone I know to the city to experience it as I have and hopefully growto love it as I have as well which leads to my new position as host.

Using this platform I will do my best to bring the Hbox community closer together through upcoming splendiferous events and try tobring back some of the old faces from Odessa as well as some new ones to form a more tight knit gang of people who will inhabit this wonderful sim.

That said I would like to say I'm really honored I was chosen to be the new host and would like to thank all of the Hbox Admins for this opportunity to relieve a little stress as I know they are very busy people who would really like to be at every single event but GOD PEOPLE, DEY GOT LIVES 2!11!!! hahha, so hopefully that's where I will come in to bridge that little gap.

Over all I'm excited about the upcoming plans we have for HBox andwill be happy to see you all there. I know alot of you I havealready met but if I haven't feel free to say Hi to me I'm a pretty friendly person who does bite but not hard of course :), If you have any questions or suggestions for events feel free to message me in-world or drop me a notecard and I'll be happy torespond as soon as I can.

Yours Trulyyy,

The newest Local pooPoo,

KennethHrachovKennyKenken <3

Please offer Ken a warm welcome! You'll be seeing a lot of him!



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kenya Zebra skins! New at Starfucker!

Starfucker @ Hbox keeps coming out with the most unique skins I've ever seen, and the more I see, the more impressed I am! Check out these new Kenya skins! There's Zebra (white) and Wild Ass (brown) - and they are NEAT :D

Stripey goodness? Yes please :Q

Come on down to Starfucker @ Hbox to try a free demo!

Starfucker @ Hbox

Love, Micah

Monday, June 16, 2008

NEW products at EAT RICE!

EAT RICE, One of our favorite stores at Hbox, has gotten a totally new remodel, and with it - all new products! Ellie Celt has been working her tooshie off to get out these fantastically cute and detailed products! Just in time for summer shopping!

Check out some of her new products!

This beanie is to die for - cute!

A belt with a DS Lite, charms??? CANDY?? I'm there.

A cute as heck bell collar that wont make you look like you stepped out of a BDSM dungeon? Yes please!

And hoodies o_o I love the decal on these.. it's so girly vintage!

EAT RICE has a lot more products, and a new line of skins too! So make sure you stop by her main store after looking at the new clothes/accessories in Hbox! And don't forget to pick up your FREE pink Gloomy Bear in the Hbox store when you go!!

Eat Rice
@ Harajukubox

Love, Micah

Monday, June 9, 2008

New at Slanted Fox! Cutie Pootie shoes!

SUMMER means SHOES! And Slanted Fox is giving you this equation in full with another round of TOTALLY CUTE sculpted shoes. The Cutie Pootie's are a very girly wedge shoe with a strap, that come with wicked details like piping, and shiny trinkets and buttons.. god!

I haven't had a chance yet to photo myself in these but I have NOT taken these off since I got them. The wedge heel is high and makes for a really cute shape, and they go with anything I've thrown at them! Dresses, jeans, and specially knee high socks!
They're even Xfer for gift giving :) 195L a pair - you can't say no!

Slanted Fox @ Harajukubox

Love, Micah

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Slanted Fox products! Tooshi Roll Shoes!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I don't know about you all, but I can't get enough of sneakers. I neeeeed to have em all! I've found so many over a great period of time but no really "chunky" skater shoes that I so fondly remember from my high school days. Thank god Slanted Fox has come out with these sneakers, so fondly named - Tooshi Roll Shoes!!!

homg.. cute O_O

These shoes are very inspired by the Pro-Keds Royal Court shoes, utilizing that awesome thick sole and sort of "chubby" look that most skater sneakers sport. They come in the 4 colours shown and even come with a bag of candy to hold, and a scripted piece of candy for your mouth! They are xferable for easy gifting, and if that wasn't enough - they come with a resize script that makes resizing EASY. MOD SHOES? Hell yes!!!! at 250L each why the hell wouldn't you? (I have em all... hee!)

Slanted Fox @ Harajukubox

Love, Micah

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Starfucker does it again!

WOOOOT for sorta double post! I didn't realize that Starfuckers new Ocelot skins also are out for MEN! So all you sexy male kitties get on down and check em out! They have the same fantastic detail ( and those spots! ooooh!) and come in a cute choice of colours. Match your sexy girlfriend kitty or just stand out!

Awww yeah.. did I mention I really like spots... especially.. groin spots >__>

Check out Starfucker @ Hbox today!

Love, Micah

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Skins! Starfucker @ Hbox!

Starfucker skins has been consistently putting out really different, detailed skins that I happen to ADORE! These are no exception! They are a 2nd version of the popular Ocelot Skin!

Thats right, Finally, Version two. these sexxy kitty skins come in Black, Gray, White, Gold, Pink, and Chocolate. Plus two options, Mature, or PG.

I just LOVE the spots on these o_O

Come on down to Hbox and get over to Starfucker to check em out!

Love, Micah

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New from Slanted Fox - Yummy Tote!

At Slanted Fox, we are all about yummy things. Rice ball collection outfits, candy, creamy goodness.. you get the idea!

Our newest product are these cute cute CUTE tote bags! Filled with all kinds of girly goodies, these bags are adorable, and come with shoulder option, hand option, and just regular ol tote sittin around option! 95L for all three bags = you can't go wrong! Plus they are xfer if you want to get them as a cute little gift for your favorite shopper!


Come visit us at Slanted Fox!

Love, Micah

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Products at Happy House!

Hey everyone!
Hbox town's well loved little furniture nook is back at it with cute stuff!

CUTE burger chair. I mean who wouldn't want to sit on meat! It's only 115 L o_O

Tea for Two! Set comes with all shown, even the little Penguin friend! He has a spoon!

Look at these darling little sculpted plants! Decor your whole home - It's copy and only 50L!

Riki and I share some tea at Happy House! Please come share with us!

Happy House is located in Harajukubox Town, on the main strip!
Happy House (slurl)

Love, Micah

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Products at Hybrid - Harajukubox!

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Just writing quickly to show Hybrid's newest creation - Hybrid Jeans! I really like these jeans because not only do they come in colours you actually WANT - each set includes 8 different cut styles, so anyone can have a whole wardrobe of denim for a great price!

500L gets you one set in a colour choice, (choice of black, denim, indigo and dirty) and includes a skinny jean with slouchy cuffs, a skinny jean without cuffs, a boot cut jean, a wide leg/flare style, a cuffed capri, a cropped flare, and a cuffed short! That's a lot of jeans XD!

The other cute thing about them is they come with a mix and match belt choice. A ringed belt, and your choice of cute little keychain charm decorations! I love them O__O

I am guilty of getting them all ^_^;;;

Hybrid at Harajukubox (slurl)

Love, Micah

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Hybrid Skins - Archetype Elves!

Elves are starting to become really popular in SL, and being one myself I really wanted to take time to check out the new Archetype Elf skins and accessories by Hybrid! Safe to say I was not disappointed. Not only does Hybrid offer many colours that you just don't see in Elves, but she offers matching sculptie ears, beautiful gem like eyes, and specially coloured sculptie horns for each color type! PLUS men and women both get to have choices!

The skins are sectioned off in tones, each with their own group name. You can buy one colour, 3 like tones in the set, or all colours! Blue is my favorite colour, and when I saw the lovely pale blue of the "Kelpie" skin, I knew that was the one for me.

WOW.. It's super pretty. And the colours fade in and out along the body line, giving it a really soft, almost glowy feel. I am absolutely in love with the ear shape, and the way the blue softly fades towards the tips! The other great thing is you can mix and match the eyes, and horns as you see fit. It's really worth a look for all you fantasy fans!

Skin: Hybrid Archetype Etheral "Kelpie"
Eyes: Hybrid Archetype eyes in Snow Blue
Horns: Hybrid Archetype "Arcane Hermes"
Ears: Hybrid Archetype Etheral "Kelpie"

Hybrid at Hbox (slurl)

Love, Micah

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Events are springing! HBOX PROM!

Ohhh yeah... ever wish you could re-live the cheesy days of your prom? Do you remember tuxedo t-shirts and disco balls, with Rick Astley booming across the gym? WE DO! But this can't be just any old style prom..oh no... we are doing this Hbox style! CROSSDRESSING!

Come join us on Saturday, May 17th at 6pm SLT in the City school. We are gonna go back in time, just reversed! Every man must be in a dress, and every girl must be wearing a suit/tux! We will have 1000L for each crowned prom "King" and "Queen", trivia for L, A live DJ, prom photos, and a LOT of old school fun! join us!

Love, Micah

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy House opens in Hbox town!

Hey all!

We've been so busy down in the Hbox sims, but we've got good news! A brand new furniture store has claimed it's spot in the sought after Hbox town, and I'm giving everyone first peek!

Happy House is a unique furniture store based on very whimsical and cute (or kawaii!) Japanese designs for very very reasonable prices. They offer just a few products right now, but more are coming out every week! Ever wish you had a typical, small Japanese bathroom? What about a floor chair that looks like toast?? How about happy lamps and nightstands that greet you with a smile? These are just some examples of what Happy House is coming out with!

This toast chair is so adorable, and comes with the butter footrest. XD
It also comes in different styles with faces on it!

So happy!

These chairs are really slick, all kinds of colors and 3 different sits in each one!

Come on.. a 3 prim lamp thats THAT cute? for 45 L why wouldn't you?
The dresser is for sale too, and it's only 75 L!

Happy House can be seen in Hbox town, right on the main road!

Check it out!
Love, Micah

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Spring Fashions at Slanted Fox!

Hey everyone!!

Soooo because of the big SL blowup and the postponement of our fishing event, (postponed till tomorrow) we at Slanted Fox had some time to finish some of our spring fashions!

First up is what we call the "Onigiri collection" Onigiri - means rice ball in Japanese. And between the brilliant building mind of Riki, and the fantastic comp drawings from one of our friends, Teshi Mikazuki, a brilliant, funky mix & match outfit was born!

I LOVE this skirt.

The outfit comes your choice, either as a full set, (everything shown, even the cute little rice ball) Or you can mix and match. The skirt, Off the shoulder shirt, Boots, and Hat can all be purchased separately. Everything is detailed to a tee. The boots have chopsticks and a poor rice ball strapped to it! The skirt is heavily layered and very very smart looking, even as you move. It's absolutely a funky take on a classic look.

Also coming soon for this collection is a Jacket to match the skirt - with a cute rice ball design on it, and more!

Riki also put out his gorgeous two-way Spring Yukata, naturally deemed "Yummy Yukata" and trust me.. It's YUMMY.


This yukata comes as a full set, with everything provided. Geta sandals, tabi socks, and the cute as heck kinchaku bag. It also gives you your choice of a traditional glitch skirt, or a more modern flared out prim skirt. The obi's details are incredible, and will really turn heads. This is a chance to wear something distinctly Japanese, without all the formal fuss of a traditional kimono.

Visit our store Slanted Fox, in the heart of Harajukubox city, right in the main square, to check these out!

Love, Micah

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fishing Tournament at Hbox Town!

Heyyyy everyone!

Hbox town has that fishing game everyone is so crazy about! Our residents love it so we decided to hold a public fishing tournament! Click on the poster to see more! Fun! Prizes! Lots of L! And our nutty hbox butts to keep you entertained.. :D and trust me - we will.

Emelie loves to fish!

In case you didn't know, this interactive fishing game by 7 Seas has really cropped up all over SL! You buy a fishing rod and fish your day away, catching very well made and very cute fishie pets to keep! They swim around you, blow bubbles, and you can name them! Keep them close to your side or in a simulated aquarium where you really have to take care of them for them to live!

All the fish are really spectacularly done, prim and sculpty made with moving parts such as blinking eyes and moving fins. Everything from angelfish to koi to the super ultra rare nessie and LOLcatfish!! It's too much fun!

We will be holding two tournaments. One limited tournament where everyone is at level 0. This is a fair tournament for all that even the beginner can enter! We will also have an advanced unlimited tournament for those experienced fishers who have leveled their rods ( whoa that sounds bad ) and want to show off their skills. Tournaments are won by who catches the most fish in the time alloted :D

We can't wait to see you there!

Love, Micah

Monday, March 24, 2008

SAKURA FESTIVAL!! - Hbox Residential

Two posts in one day! O_O

Hbox town will have an all day Sakura Festival on March 27th, to welcome spring a little sooner! There will be fireworks, dancing, and two contests as we all come together and have fun - in light of the crappy weather! We are gonna start at 12pm SLT and go on alllll day!

Residents have a chance to get a sakura tree, and will get 50 prims to decorate it however they like. Visitors and other residents can then come by, party with us, and vote on the best one! The winner will receive next months rent discounted! Wooo cheap living!

There will also be a yukata/kimono contest - with 1000L given away to the best voted on! I want to see all you pretty ladies in some gorgeous spring wear! Also there will be a chance to win a pre-release of our own Riki Yifu's gorgeous harajuku style Yukata!

I hope you will all join us :D

Love, Micah

Hbox welcomes Edelweiss!

We are thrilled to announce our newest store to Hbox City - Edelweiss!

Anyone that's into SL's lolita/cosplay scene knows how famous Edelweiss is, for their consistently accurate and extremely detailed dresses. Moeka Kohime strives to produce extremely realistic and whimsical cosplay, lolita, maid, and Japanese school uniforms. I have nearly all her dresses and I have to say - they are truly some of the BEST you will find in SL.

Come on down to see Edelweiss in Hbox at:

Edelweiss Blog

Love, Micah

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slanted Fox designs featured in SAVE THE FASHION!

Hey everyone!

Slanted Fox, the wacky harajuku-esque store of Hbox (run by your 3 lovely Hbox admins) will be one of the fashion lines featured in SAVE THE FASHION, fashion show! This is the perfect chance to come see our never before seen spring releases!

This is not just a fashion show, but it is a protest event where we are all getting together and fighting content theft in SL. Content theft is killing SecondLife and closing alot of our favorite businesses, because of designers giving up. Come show your support and have a lot of fun by attending!

Also being featured are famous stores such as:
The Kitty Box, Magika, Dutch Touch, Veezy, Karamia, Artilleri
Freakin Fabulous Shit, Slanted Fox, Virus Co., CATNIP, Fetch Alternative
Primitive Design, R.O.T Designs, Worldwide Industrys, Bounce Designs
Unzipped, Steam Powered Nuts, Pretty N Punk, No Mercy, Red Ruin
and more...

There will be a live DJ, free gifts given away to everyone attending, speeches from famous content designers on content theft, and and a petition to sign to stop content theft in Second Life.

-This event will be recorded and placed on the internet for free viewing, so please be prepared to have your avi recorded.

Tuesday March 11th 4pm SLT
The Kitty Box sim (renneville square) in the Oppewall Theater

Hope to see you all there! :3
Love, Micah

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Store Location! - Cats 'n Neos

Happy Sunday everyone!

Isn't this the Sunday where we turn the clocks ahead? o_O god where has the time gone!

Anyway I'm pleased to announce that one of our most popular marketplace stores has moved on up to a brand new larger store in Hbox! Cats 'n Neos has offered really innovative accessories ever since I've known it, and it still doesn't dissapoint me with the new clothes, hair, and shapes coming out! (oh and be sure to check our her glowing prim eyes.. they are really nice O_O )

C&N is still a newer store - and Hbox is so proud to see them moving up to a new main location with us! So to celebrate I went to the store and picked out an array of goods, made an outfit, and tromped around!

So cute right? And how happy am I to be strapped to a huge speed limit sign.. XD love it!

Shirt and skirt - C&N Rawr set
Collar - C&N Kyahkyu collar
Gloves - C&N Desired Revenge Gauntlets
Sign - C&N RE Limit 55

The skirt and shirt I especially like. The skirt is made of layers that are purposefully uneven, with the ends barely transparant. It gives a really cute punky look to it. The belt is attached, and really detailed nicely. The shirt is shaded really well and says Rawr! Who wouldn't think thats cute o.O

Barely anything in C&N ( save the shapes ) is over 150L. The shirt and skirt set only cost me 100! To find really cute things for low prices is always great, and finding a store that has a lot of variety of things makes me happy too. You can always find something you wanted and didn't even know it! Congrats Cats 'n Neos!

You can find C&N's new location by the mudkip fountain in Hbox. ( next to Bloodlust designs )
Or you can has this:

C&N's Blog:

Happy shopping!
Love, Micah