Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy House opens in Hbox town!

Hey all!

We've been so busy down in the Hbox sims, but we've got good news! A brand new furniture store has claimed it's spot in the sought after Hbox town, and I'm giving everyone first peek!

Happy House is a unique furniture store based on very whimsical and cute (or kawaii!) Japanese designs for very very reasonable prices. They offer just a few products right now, but more are coming out every week! Ever wish you had a typical, small Japanese bathroom? What about a floor chair that looks like toast?? How about happy lamps and nightstands that greet you with a smile? These are just some examples of what Happy House is coming out with!

This toast chair is so adorable, and comes with the butter footrest. XD
It also comes in different styles with faces on it!

So happy!

These chairs are really slick, all kinds of colors and 3 different sits in each one!

Come on.. a 3 prim lamp thats THAT cute? for 45 L why wouldn't you?
The dresser is for sale too, and it's only 75 L!

Happy House can be seen in Hbox town, right on the main road!

Check it out!
Love, Micah

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Spring Fashions at Slanted Fox!

Hey everyone!!

Soooo because of the big SL blowup and the postponement of our fishing event, (postponed till tomorrow) we at Slanted Fox had some time to finish some of our spring fashions!

First up is what we call the "Onigiri collection" Onigiri - means rice ball in Japanese. And between the brilliant building mind of Riki, and the fantastic comp drawings from one of our friends, Teshi Mikazuki, a brilliant, funky mix & match outfit was born!

I LOVE this skirt.

The outfit comes your choice, either as a full set, (everything shown, even the cute little rice ball) Or you can mix and match. The skirt, Off the shoulder shirt, Boots, and Hat can all be purchased separately. Everything is detailed to a tee. The boots have chopsticks and a poor rice ball strapped to it! The skirt is heavily layered and very very smart looking, even as you move. It's absolutely a funky take on a classic look.

Also coming soon for this collection is a Jacket to match the skirt - with a cute rice ball design on it, and more!

Riki also put out his gorgeous two-way Spring Yukata, naturally deemed "Yummy Yukata" and trust me.. It's YUMMY.


This yukata comes as a full set, with everything provided. Geta sandals, tabi socks, and the cute as heck kinchaku bag. It also gives you your choice of a traditional glitch skirt, or a more modern flared out prim skirt. The obi's details are incredible, and will really turn heads. This is a chance to wear something distinctly Japanese, without all the formal fuss of a traditional kimono.

Visit our store Slanted Fox, in the heart of Harajukubox city, right in the main square, to check these out!

Love, Micah

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fishing Tournament at Hbox Town!

Heyyyy everyone!

Hbox town has that fishing game everyone is so crazy about! Our residents love it so we decided to hold a public fishing tournament! Click on the poster to see more! Fun! Prizes! Lots of L! And our nutty hbox butts to keep you entertained.. :D and trust me - we will.

Emelie loves to fish!

In case you didn't know, this interactive fishing game by 7 Seas has really cropped up all over SL! You buy a fishing rod and fish your day away, catching very well made and very cute fishie pets to keep! They swim around you, blow bubbles, and you can name them! Keep them close to your side or in a simulated aquarium where you really have to take care of them for them to live!

All the fish are really spectacularly done, prim and sculpty made with moving parts such as blinking eyes and moving fins. Everything from angelfish to koi to the super ultra rare nessie and LOLcatfish!! It's too much fun!

We will be holding two tournaments. One limited tournament where everyone is at level 0. This is a fair tournament for all that even the beginner can enter! We will also have an advanced unlimited tournament for those experienced fishers who have leveled their rods ( whoa that sounds bad ) and want to show off their skills. Tournaments are won by who catches the most fish in the time alloted :D

We can't wait to see you there!

Love, Micah