Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't forget-- SKIN FAIRE!

Hey everyone!
Just a reminder - Hbox's very own custom skin event is less than a week away!!! This two day event is going to feature event exclusive skins! - This means once this event is over, these skins will be long gone!! Not only that but The entire event will be hosted, and will feature live performances by some really TOP notch artists of RL and SL!

even more skin artists than I could list on the poster - you have to come to see em all!

Saturday's live performance will be by Takamura Keiko - She was featured on MTV, spawned from SL star to RL star!

Sunday's live performance will be by REIS Alter - Making her SL tour before her RL world tour! If you love Bjork, come listen to Reis!

This event is gonna be off the wall... Not only will you have live DJ's, live singers, hosts, and exclusive skins - but there will also be a raffle! Everyone that attends will be able to pick up to 3 different raffle tickets - each with a chance to win some free skins shown at the event!!

The Skin Faire offically starts at: 5pm SLT on August 16th(Saturday), and goes till Sunday the 17th 12pm SLT!

I hope to see you all there!!!!
Love, Micah

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