Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hbox Fashion Faire!

Hey everyone! Following that rad Skin Faire we had, I present - our Fashion Faire!! Come down to Hbox to see some wicked designers bust out completely original works just for this event! A lot of these new fashions will only be displayed at this event, so it's your chance to get down with us and pick up some hot couture from your favorite designers!

Saturday's live performances will be by Takamura Keiko, and REIS Alter

Keiko was featured on MTV, spawned from SL star to RL star! And Reis is making her SL tour before her RL world tour! If you love Bjork, come listen to Reis!

Sunday's performances will be by Linus Radford! and Winston Ackland!

Linus Radford in RL is Randal Prater, a successful singer-songwriter who released his first solo album in March called 'Falling To Pisces.' He previously wrote/recorded three albums with Creeping Myrtle and one with The Pagan States. He came bounding into the SL music scene a year ago, and introduced SL music fans to a brand new type of navel-gazing mope.

Years of writing and recording songs of various pop flavors, Winston Ackland manages to find several voices for his music to match the ones in his head. Often betraying the softer side of angry punk and rock songs, he turns these classics into gentle bossa novas with great success. Elvis Costello said recently that Winston's smooth lounge rendition of Elvis's "Pump It Up" was his all time favorite of any cover of any of his songs.

This event is going to be rockin!... Our live singers will entertain you while you shop - but we like to give away free things, so we'll have another free raffle! Everyone that attends will be able to pick a raffle ticket - each with a chance to win some free designs that are shown at the event!! The raffles will be held Saturday AND Sunday!

The Skin Faire offically starts at: 5pm SLT on September 13th (Saturday), and goes all throughl Monday the 15th, 12pm SLT!
(If you hang around till Monday, you might even see some Hbox admins doin some choreographed dancing to THRILLER!)

I hope to see you all there!!!!
Love, Micah