Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Slanted Fox Designer Contest!

Slanted Fox has decided to have a design contest!

Can you draw? Do you want to be a designer or have a cool idea for a design?


What to do:

1. Draw sketches of an item you think would be a cool accessory, and submit them to the Hbox Staffers(Riki Yifu, Micah Kuhn, Note Buaku). DO NOT worry about your drawing ability. It's not an art contest. We will serious even consider the crappiest drawings. We are buying the IDEA.

2. The Hbox admins will vote and select five of the submissions sent in. The drawings will then be placed in an area of Hbox to be voted on.

-1st Place: 5000L$ and your design becomes real!
-2nd Place: 1000L$
-3rd Place: 250L$


-Accessory items ONLY, this means no outfits, no shirts, or pants.
-You cannot use artwork or drawings by someone else, they must be your own.
-All entries must be submitted before October 18th.

Love & Gratitude,

1 comment:

Yamill said...

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