Sunday, July 12, 2009

SKIN FAIRE July 24th-28th

Harajukubox will be holding it's first Skin Faire for 2009!

These are the current applicants:

Sopha McCallen - Ugly Dorothy
Ororon Kamachi - Animus
Selos Dae - Trap
Nena Janus - League
Annyka Bekkers - Blowpop
Trin Trevellion - SINDecade
Archan Allen - Bounce
Posy Trudeau - Miau Haus
Dreams Anubis - Unpredictable
Yukio Ida - Gauze(formerly Illuminati)
Mochi Milena - Pink Fuel
Mala Oh, Acido Ferraris - Acid & Mala Creations
Fae Eriksen - Fishy Strawberry

Want to have YOUR skins in our faire?

Fill out the form and Note card it to Riki Yifu!


Harajukubox will be having a skinfaire in Harajukubox Town as opposed to Hbox city. We are currently looking for participants.

The event will run July 24th-July 28th. The event will have it's own stylish venue created specifically for it.

Applicants for the skin faire do not have to be HBOX renters solely, they simply need to fill out this application form, and if *approved they can be in the skin faire. ++Current HBOX renters atomatically qualify!++
(*approval based on the skin quality)

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the for below.

IMAGES OF SKINS(only for non-Hbox renters):
LANDMARK(only for non-Hbox renters):

Only one exclusive skin is needed. This does not mean you are required to create an entirely new skin, it simply means you can add a modification to a skin you've already released.(I.E: a band-aid or scar)

Thank you for all that you do.
Thank you for your talents.
Thank you for your time.

Love & Gratitude,

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