Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Harajukubox Sim Open!

We have opened the sim to public access again! We hope everyone enjoys the new design.

Harajukubox now consists of three separate floors to shop on, a marketplace, as well as an island on the side.

Some of the shops include:

Riddle - 2nd floor
Bounce - 3rd floor
Panda Express - 1st floor
Deviant Kitties - 2nd floor
HLD - 1st floor
League - 1st floor
Hybrid - 1st-floor
Atomic - 2nd floor
Draconic Kiss - 2nd floor
Edelweiss - 2nd floor
Violent Seduction - 2nd floor
Angry Monkey - 2nd floor
Sassy Kitty Designs - 2nd floor
F.A.T.-Designz - 2nd floor
eXceSs Skins - 2nd floor
SINDecade - 1st floor
Ducknipple - 1st floor
Snowflake Skins - 2nd floor
Primitive Design - 1st floor
Acid & Mala - 1st floor
UsagiNeko - 2nd floor

...and more!

Love & Gratitude
-Hbox Staff

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