Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harajukubox Closing


On behalf of Note Buaku and myself, we'd like to extend a warm note of gratitude. Due to personal reasons Note & I are retiring from running Harajukubox. We have been running Harajukubox for 3-years. it's been a wonderful time, but everything that begins must end as well. Thank you to all our shoppers, renters and visitors. We have appreciated all of you. We will be closing the sims and they will be removed from the grid. This will be our final blog post. Many blessings and have a beautiful life.

Thank you.

Love & gratitude,

Riki Yifu & Note Buaku

1 comment:

Ryou Yiyuan said...

Awwww Too bad to see this news.
I liked visiting Harajuku Box.