Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updates on Hbox Town!

Yellooooo everyone!

We apologize for the stinty blog posts, but we've had our hands full creating this new residential Hbox sim! We are pleased to announce that it's going to officially open to the public on Monday, Feb 25th - even though we are not completely finished yet. So be kind and keep it in mind while you look around! Take a tour, view the sights, hang out with us! We'll be there all day giving wacko tour trips and stuff - and we'll even have a fireworks show for ya that evening.

Check out Hbox city from the observatory!

See all the sights! A skip across the bridge from the city!

We can't wait to see you on Monday! Anyone needing assistance or a TP, just contact myself, or Riki Yifu. :3 *chu*

Love, Micah


Rinka Watanabe said...

I'm gonna be there!!!! Not way I miss it!!! When they will be avalieble to rent? And anyone will be able to live there?

>.< Can't wait to the inaguration!!!

Really lovely place!!!

Harajukubox said...

Hello Rinka!

Yes anyone can rent - and they will be available on first come - first serve basis. We should have some homes and also apartment size homes for rent :) Hope to see you!

Sai Pennell said...

Awww~ it seems I went to late and all the houses were rented! *cries*

You should make more houses to rent :P

Harajukubox said...

sai - I'm sorry you missed out! We will definitely try to scrimp room and make some more. We had no idea they would all go so fast!