Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Skins at Starf*cker inHbox!

Hey everyone!

After a very busy and fun Hbox Town opening, I'm glad to announce that every home/apartment has been rented- who knew??? It was a great success and we'd like to thank everyone that came. We hope to continue having people come hang out, if not for the atmosphere - for the grand collection of home goods stores we plan on having there very shortly. Who doesn't love home goods!!

Speaking of goods - our talented Vry Offcourse of Starf*cker Skins has put out some really fantastic looking fashion foward skins just in time for upcoming spring! This skin is called Katsu
( love the name!) And comes in 4 tones.





These skins are all very beautifully rendered in that soft - handpainted feel. The tones are even and detailed without being too harsh, and each skin tone you choose comes with 6 makeup variations! Not only that, but each skin tone features makeups that compliment that particular skin tone - so you won't get the same exact makeup slapped on a different colour skin.

All 6 makeup choices included for 800L is a really wicked price - Definitely worth a look! All 24 looks are available in a demo version so come on down to Hbox today and GET F*CKED!

... (ok ok, I couldn't resist it! XD )

Starf*cker Skins, Harajukubox 196,96,22 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Harajukubox/196/96/22

Love, Micah

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