Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy House opens in Hbox town!

Hey all!

We've been so busy down in the Hbox sims, but we've got good news! A brand new furniture store has claimed it's spot in the sought after Hbox town, and I'm giving everyone first peek!

Happy House is a unique furniture store based on very whimsical and cute (or kawaii!) Japanese designs for very very reasonable prices. They offer just a few products right now, but more are coming out every week! Ever wish you had a typical, small Japanese bathroom? What about a floor chair that looks like toast?? How about happy lamps and nightstands that greet you with a smile? These are just some examples of what Happy House is coming out with!

This toast chair is so adorable, and comes with the butter footrest. XD
It also comes in different styles with faces on it!

So happy!

These chairs are really slick, all kinds of colors and 3 different sits in each one!

Come on.. a 3 prim lamp thats THAT cute? for 45 L why wouldn't you?
The dresser is for sale too, and it's only 75 L!

Happy House can be seen in Hbox town, right on the main road!

Check it out!
Love, Micah