Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fishing Tournament at Hbox Town!

Heyyyy everyone!

Hbox town has that fishing game everyone is so crazy about! Our residents love it so we decided to hold a public fishing tournament! Click on the poster to see more! Fun! Prizes! Lots of L! And our nutty hbox butts to keep you entertained.. :D and trust me - we will.

Emelie loves to fish!

In case you didn't know, this interactive fishing game by 7 Seas has really cropped up all over SL! You buy a fishing rod and fish your day away, catching very well made and very cute fishie pets to keep! They swim around you, blow bubbles, and you can name them! Keep them close to your side or in a simulated aquarium where you really have to take care of them for them to live!

All the fish are really spectacularly done, prim and sculpty made with moving parts such as blinking eyes and moving fins. Everything from angelfish to koi to the super ultra rare nessie and LOLcatfish!! It's too much fun!

We will be holding two tournaments. One limited tournament where everyone is at level 0. This is a fair tournament for all that even the beginner can enter! We will also have an advanced unlimited tournament for those experienced fishers who have leveled their rods ( whoa that sounds bad ) and want to show off their skills. Tournaments are won by who catches the most fish in the time alloted :D

We can't wait to see you there!

Love, Micah

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