Monday, May 5, 2008

New Hybrid Skins - Archetype Elves!

Elves are starting to become really popular in SL, and being one myself I really wanted to take time to check out the new Archetype Elf skins and accessories by Hybrid! Safe to say I was not disappointed. Not only does Hybrid offer many colours that you just don't see in Elves, but she offers matching sculptie ears, beautiful gem like eyes, and specially coloured sculptie horns for each color type! PLUS men and women both get to have choices!

The skins are sectioned off in tones, each with their own group name. You can buy one colour, 3 like tones in the set, or all colours! Blue is my favorite colour, and when I saw the lovely pale blue of the "Kelpie" skin, I knew that was the one for me.

WOW.. It's super pretty. And the colours fade in and out along the body line, giving it a really soft, almost glowy feel. I am absolutely in love with the ear shape, and the way the blue softly fades towards the tips! The other great thing is you can mix and match the eyes, and horns as you see fit. It's really worth a look for all you fantasy fans!

Skin: Hybrid Archetype Etheral "Kelpie"
Eyes: Hybrid Archetype eyes in Snow Blue
Horns: Hybrid Archetype "Arcane Hermes"
Ears: Hybrid Archetype Etheral "Kelpie"

Hybrid at Hbox (slurl)

Love, Micah

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