Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Events are springing! HBOX PROM!

Ohhh yeah... ever wish you could re-live the cheesy days of your prom? Do you remember tuxedo t-shirts and disco balls, with Rick Astley booming across the gym? WE DO! But this can't be just any old style prom..oh no... we are doing this Hbox style! CROSSDRESSING!

Come join us on Saturday, May 17th at 6pm SLT in the City school. We are gonna go back in time, just reversed! Every man must be in a dress, and every girl must be wearing a suit/tux! We will have 1000L for each crowned prom "King" and "Queen", trivia for L, A live DJ, prom photos, and a LOT of old school fun! join us!

Love, Micah

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