Saturday, January 5, 2008

Androgyny and Accessory Arsenal join Hbox!

Happy weekend everyone!

We are pleased to have two new stores in our sim!

Androgyny, by Dreyc Hana, offers a variety of affordable hairstyles, ranging from punk/emo to animesque/video game. A lot of them aim to be either for male or female ( hence the name! ) but also offers styles for either or. A great range of colours are also available to choose from and the word is - clothes will be offered soon as well!

"Tsue" style from Androgyny

Accessory Arsenal, by Jen BlackHawk offers incredibly detailed and just plain fun bags and accessories. Kawaii bookbags, lunchboxes, backbacks and purses in japanese, military or vintage style are just some of the items you'll find! If her quality products aren't enough to sway you, at least take a look at her shops! Jen is known for having a custom designed store/kiosk for each location she has. The Hbox location is a GIANT grenade with Japanese neon signs! Cool!

"Kogal Bookbag" from Accessory Arsenal

Other news: F.A.T. Designz has moved locations! They have been upgraded from the marketplace to a larger store across from Kya and Bloodlust! (over by the mudkip fountain) They have consistently put out very modern, urban clothes which have drawn a lot of attention from our shoppers, and we congratulate them on their upgrade! Click here to update your landmarks for F.A.T Designz!

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