Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hbox wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Hello guys!

First post! Holy moly can you believe it's 2008 already! Where did all the time go? To me it seems like just yesterday Hbox was just a dream conversation that we all had... who would have known we'd be where we are today. Our own sim, a full working city and unique shopping experience that holds a good average of 10k traffic a week, full of well known and up-and-coming designers, and a place where everyone can come have fun, go to a silly event once in a while, and meet great people!

I think it goes without saying that we owe all our success to our patrons, our renters, and all our friends that have been with us since we were just a parking lot and one store - giving us opinions and advice, and always coming to make sure Hbox wasn't lonely! Thank you guys!!!

2008 is going to bring some changes to Hbox, in a way we feel will be very positive. We have some very talented new designers coming, including the well known Draconic Kiss - a leader name in gothic lolita fashion! Once this round of designers are introduced our sim will be officially full! We couldn't be happier, as we really strive to bring a complete and unique shopping experience to SL. We feel our choices are going to fully round out what's offered, and we are so pleased.

We will also be hosting many more events to come! Some projects in the works are our poetry contests, a masquerade ball, a Valentines day looooove auction, and trivia, trivia and more trivia for prizes and tons of L!

Our Christmas/Holiday party was a great success, and we thank everyone that came, and all our renters for donating such great prizes! Don't forget that you can see all the photos of Harajukubox's goings on at our flickr group - The Playground Gang!

We here at Hbox all hope everyones 2008 starts out fantastically, and keeps on goin that way! Much love to you all -

Micah Kuhn

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