Thursday, January 17, 2008

HarajukuBox Masquerade Ball!

HarajukuBox is having an Ice wonderland Masquerade Ball! Come be posh and fancy with us - Hbox style! There will be great music, ballroom dancing ( ouuu la la! ) wicked costumes, great people and contests! The best and most original Masquerade outfits will win a LOT of L - Including a best Male and Female to be crowned King and Queen of the ball - winning them 1000L each! Holy cow!

We encourage you to find cool ways to make outfits... we want to see it all! Ultra lacy, gothic, lolita, bondage-y, hell make a costume and mask out of cardboard!! We hope to see you all there ^__^

Where: Hbox Ice Rink
When: Friday, Jan 25th, 7pm SLT

Contact myself or Riki Yifu for details :3

Love, Micah

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