Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Store Location! - Cats 'n Neos

Happy Sunday everyone!

Isn't this the Sunday where we turn the clocks ahead? o_O god where has the time gone!

Anyway I'm pleased to announce that one of our most popular marketplace stores has moved on up to a brand new larger store in Hbox! Cats 'n Neos has offered really innovative accessories ever since I've known it, and it still doesn't dissapoint me with the new clothes, hair, and shapes coming out! (oh and be sure to check our her glowing prim eyes.. they are really nice O_O )

C&N is still a newer store - and Hbox is so proud to see them moving up to a new main location with us! So to celebrate I went to the store and picked out an array of goods, made an outfit, and tromped around!

So cute right? And how happy am I to be strapped to a huge speed limit sign.. XD love it!

Shirt and skirt - C&N Rawr set
Collar - C&N Kyahkyu collar
Gloves - C&N Desired Revenge Gauntlets
Sign - C&N RE Limit 55

The skirt and shirt I especially like. The skirt is made of layers that are purposefully uneven, with the ends barely transparant. It gives a really cute punky look to it. The belt is attached, and really detailed nicely. The shirt is shaded really well and says Rawr! Who wouldn't think thats cute o.O

Barely anything in C&N ( save the shapes ) is over 150L. The shirt and skirt set only cost me 100! To find really cute things for low prices is always great, and finding a store that has a lot of variety of things makes me happy too. You can always find something you wanted and didn't even know it! Congrats Cats 'n Neos!

You can find C&N's new location by the mudkip fountain in Hbox. ( next to Bloodlust designs )
Or you can has this:

C&N's Blog:

Happy shopping!
Love, Micah

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