Saturday, March 8, 2008

Slanted Fox designs featured in SAVE THE FASHION!

Hey everyone!

Slanted Fox, the wacky harajuku-esque store of Hbox (run by your 3 lovely Hbox admins) will be one of the fashion lines featured in SAVE THE FASHION, fashion show! This is the perfect chance to come see our never before seen spring releases!

This is not just a fashion show, but it is a protest event where we are all getting together and fighting content theft in SL. Content theft is killing SecondLife and closing alot of our favorite businesses, because of designers giving up. Come show your support and have a lot of fun by attending!

Also being featured are famous stores such as:
The Kitty Box, Magika, Dutch Touch, Veezy, Karamia, Artilleri
Freakin Fabulous Shit, Slanted Fox, Virus Co., CATNIP, Fetch Alternative
Primitive Design, R.O.T Designs, Worldwide Industrys, Bounce Designs
Unzipped, Steam Powered Nuts, Pretty N Punk, No Mercy, Red Ruin
and more...

There will be a live DJ, free gifts given away to everyone attending, speeches from famous content designers on content theft, and and a petition to sign to stop content theft in Second Life.

-This event will be recorded and placed on the internet for free viewing, so please be prepared to have your avi recorded.

Tuesday March 11th 4pm SLT
The Kitty Box sim (renneville square) in the Oppewall Theater

Hope to see you all there! :3
Love, Micah

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