Monday, March 24, 2008

SAKURA FESTIVAL!! - Hbox Residential

Two posts in one day! O_O

Hbox town will have an all day Sakura Festival on March 27th, to welcome spring a little sooner! There will be fireworks, dancing, and two contests as we all come together and have fun - in light of the crappy weather! We are gonna start at 12pm SLT and go on alllll day!

Residents have a chance to get a sakura tree, and will get 50 prims to decorate it however they like. Visitors and other residents can then come by, party with us, and vote on the best one! The winner will receive next months rent discounted! Wooo cheap living!

There will also be a yukata/kimono contest - with 1000L given away to the best voted on! I want to see all you pretty ladies in some gorgeous spring wear! Also there will be a chance to win a pre-release of our own Riki Yifu's gorgeous harajuku style Yukata!

I hope you will all join us :D

Love, Micah

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