Monday, June 9, 2008

New at Slanted Fox! Cutie Pootie shoes!

SUMMER means SHOES! And Slanted Fox is giving you this equation in full with another round of TOTALLY CUTE sculpted shoes. The Cutie Pootie's are a very girly wedge shoe with a strap, that come with wicked details like piping, and shiny trinkets and buttons.. god!

I haven't had a chance yet to photo myself in these but I have NOT taken these off since I got them. The wedge heel is high and makes for a really cute shape, and they go with anything I've thrown at them! Dresses, jeans, and specially knee high socks!
They're even Xfer for gift giving :) 195L a pair - you can't say no!

Slanted Fox @ Harajukubox

Love, Micah

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