Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Slanted Fox products! Tooshi Roll Shoes!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I don't know about you all, but I can't get enough of sneakers. I neeeeed to have em all! I've found so many over a great period of time but no really "chunky" skater shoes that I so fondly remember from my high school days. Thank god Slanted Fox has come out with these sneakers, so fondly named - Tooshi Roll Shoes!!!

homg.. cute O_O

These shoes are very inspired by the Pro-Keds Royal Court shoes, utilizing that awesome thick sole and sort of "chubby" look that most skater sneakers sport. They come in the 4 colours shown and even come with a bag of candy to hold, and a scripted piece of candy for your mouth! They are xferable for easy gifting, and if that wasn't enough - they come with a resize script that makes resizing EASY. MOD SHOES? Hell yes!!!! at 250L each why the hell wouldn't you? (I have em all... hee!)

Slanted Fox @ Harajukubox

Love, Micah

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