Monday, June 16, 2008

NEW products at EAT RICE!

EAT RICE, One of our favorite stores at Hbox, has gotten a totally new remodel, and with it - all new products! Ellie Celt has been working her tooshie off to get out these fantastically cute and detailed products! Just in time for summer shopping!

Check out some of her new products!

This beanie is to die for - cute!

A belt with a DS Lite, charms??? CANDY?? I'm there.

A cute as heck bell collar that wont make you look like you stepped out of a BDSM dungeon? Yes please!

And hoodies o_o I love the decal on these.. it's so girly vintage!

EAT RICE has a lot more products, and a new line of skins too! So make sure you stop by her main store after looking at the new clothes/accessories in Hbox! And don't forget to pick up your FREE pink Gloomy Bear in the Hbox store when you go!!

Eat Rice
@ Harajukubox

Love, Micah

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